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One Planet Sutton is a major initiative to promote more sustainable lifestyles, council services and local businesses within the London Borough of Sutton.

We are working in partnership with Sutton Council to help cut its own direct impacts on the environment, while seeking ways to support the local community in their efforts to move towards sustainable One Planet Living. We want to reach out to the whole of Sutton, starting with our test bed 2,400 home suburb of Hackbridge, and demonstrate a sustainable way of life for all.

Because of the track record of the borough it has been chosen as one of the government's four Big Society Vanguards and the Hackbridge suburb is one of just 17 communities picked to pilot the government's Neighbourhood Planning Front Runner scheme, which gives new powers to local people to help shape the area they live in.

Supporting Sutton Council 
We are supporting Sutton Council in its ambitious programme to integrate the One Planet principles into its operations. We have helped the council in setting up monitoring systems and work plans – the One Planet Sutton Plan is now embedded in the council at all levels and is in the process of being reviewed.


Community Visions
This Community Engagement project is an exciting opportunity to start working more deeply with the local community around their environment. We will be inspiring community and voluntary groups to get more involved in the local environment, mapping the excellent work they already do and encouraging them to share skills. This work will culminate in a set of projects that we will publicise to local people, to raise general awareness and inspire behaviour change. The favourite two of these local environmental projects, as voted for by the public, will be supported by BioRegional to help them get off the ground. more

Funded by the City Bridge Trust.

Greening Businesses in Hackbridge
We are helping 45 SMEs to cut their environmental impacts, particularly energy and waste, as well as bringing them together to form collaboration networks. The Greening Businesses in Hackbridge network was launched in February 2011, and we are seeing the impact on the businesses we are advising through audits and support in using environmental policies and tools. more

Funded by the European Regional Development Fund and delivered by BioRegional on behalf of Sutton Council.

Hackbridge Outer London Fund Project
For this two-year project we are helping local shops to create local jobs, stock local produce, become more energy and water efficient and improve their internal layouts and frontages. Business development consultants will help companies identify new business opportunities. The funding will also cut road accidents and crime and help more people to walk and cycle to and from work and school. more

Funded by The Mayor's Outer London Fund matched by Sutton Council.

Zero Carbon Hackbridge
We have undertaken research on how this typical London suburb could be retrofitted cost-effectively to become zero carbon. Our objective is to start retrofitting energy efficiency measures now and prepare for the Green Deal roll-out in 2012, and communicate about it. The funding covers three projects: 1) defining a strategy for the whole suburb 2) researching the potential to use the connection of certain buildings to district heating in this overall strategy 3) investigating solutions specific to the social housing sector. In parallel, we need to initiate a delivery programme that will allow physical measures to be installed. more

Funded by Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts' Climate Change Collaboration.

Retrofitting buildings for energy efficiency
For this award-winning project, we have worked with partners to retrofit three near identical social housing properties in Sutton. House 1 has a behaviour change programme only. House 2 incorporates a Decent Homes upgrade (boiler and loft insulation) with a behaviour change programme.  House 3 is a full One Planet makeover, a deep energy retrofit using low impact building materials combined with behaviour change and renewable energy technology (solar) designed to achieve approximately 80% reduction in carbon emissions.

We have installed monitoring equipment to gather data over a 2-year period. The continued monitoring will allow us to measure and compare the effectiveness of the hard and soft measures.

You can follow progress on the project blog

Funded by the Technology Strategy Board’s Retrofit for the Future competition. 

Pay-As-You-Save (PAYS)
BioRegional, Sutton Council and B&Q have trialled this scheme in Sutton to help inform the upcoming Green Deal. Here home owners were given interest free loans to make green improvements to their property with the payback instalments being less than the amount saved on bills. Participants also benefit from a 40% grant towards the cost of physical measures. BioRegional carried out the initial energy and cost modelling to assist the engineers in selecting the best measures. We then helped Sutton Council to enrol householders to the scheme and the installations were completed by March 2011. Over 67 householders took part and a total of 12 different measures were installed. The average capital spending per household was around £13,000. Households should see a predicted 26% average reduction in the CO2 emissions of their property.

BioRegional is responsible for monitoring, reporting and evaluating the project.  Download the project results report.

Funded through fee for service revenues from the Technology Strategy Board and Energy Saving Trust.

One Planet Experience
The One Planet Experience is a new multimedia interactive exhibition at the BedZED visitor centre. Created by BioRegional, this Inspire mark awarded project explains how London 2012 aims to be the greenest Olympic and Paralympic games ever, and contains three rooms of multimedia and interactive displays to inspire visitors to save energy and reduce waste. more

Funded by Defra.

One Planet Food
One Planet Food is helping to make affordable, delicious and nutritious local food more accesible to residents and helping them get fit and healthy through growing their own. The project is run by BioRegional and EcoLocal. more

You can find out more about One Planet Living in Sutton by watching the video below and by visiting the One Planet Sutton website 

One Planet Living

One Planet Living is a positive vision of a world in which we live happy, healthy lives, within the natural limits of the planet.

Find out more

Project Website

Partners & Funders

London Borough of Sutton

Sutton Council is working to encourage and help residents and business to achieve sustainability.
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