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Read the views of our expert team on the latest sustainability issues.

Renewed momentum for an ambitious post-2015 development agenda?

One year to go until the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are finalised

A greener vision for Fishermen's Bend, Australia

Imagine an inner urban precinct that reconnects productivity with people and the environment.

How does your garden grow?

At Grow Community, the gardeners don’t confine themselves to the gardens.

Utopian Visions at BedZED

Visions of Utopian Living Tour with The National Trust

The UK’s first carbon budget – success or failure?

BioRegional’s energy innovation manager Matt Wood looks at UK carbon cutting and finds a hole in solid wall insulation

Let’s keep working with our local authorities to develop sustainable cities…

How to create sustainable jobs & bring South Africa a more diversified energy mix

Be my guest?

Nick Schoon on Airbnb and the sharing economy

BioRegional’s Biodiversity Action Plan

Creating a simple Biodiversity Action Plan
a house

What people really want from a home retrofit

Ellen Scrimgeour on the lessons learned from our Green Deal pilot in Sutton
beddington landfill

Why do we buy to waste?

This blog first appeared online for 2Degrees Community on the 21st March 2014. Hayley Baines-Buffery, Head of Sustainable Business Like many people I hate waste and have always been quite frugal. I work hard and hate to see my money going to waste. T...
solar powered coffee van

Curiouser and curiouser, further down the GHG reporting hole we go….

Defra’s latest consultation on changing the corporate GHG reporting guidelines closes on Monday March 24th, and much as I think the proposed changes are a step in the right direction, the need for improvements is far from over.
resource textile workshop

Circular economy – the fashion industry’s new style staple

Emma Ryan, Sustainable Business Officer Fashion trends are circular ( 80’s trends such as bleached denim and crop tops are apparently all the rage this summer), yet the fashion we wear is inherently designed to be linear . This point was vividl...
NW Bicester

Project director Steve Hornblow: why NW Bicester is great to be involved with

I grew up in Oxfordshire and it is where I now live with my family. So to be involved from the conception of such an exciting and unique project as NW Bicester is a career high for me. In the four years since the development first started to take sha...
a picture of flooding in the UK

Watch your optimism

This blog first appeared online for Building magazine in 2nd December 2013. Pooran Desai, Co-founder of BioRegional It’s tempting to think that doing our little bit to reduce carbon emissions saves us from having to confront the reality of what...
sue riddlestone speaking at Davos

Davos, irony, and how wealth disparities shape our cities

BioRegional cofounder Pooran Desai blogs from Davos on growing inequality
illustration of what homes might look like at nw bicester

Five building blocks for the homes of the future

BioRegional chief executive Sue Riddlestone on the sustainable homes and neighbourhoods needed worldwide

Let's embrace the 'choice-edited' city

This blog first appeared online for Building magazine in 2nd December 2013. Pooran Desai, Co-founder of BioRegional Willpower alone is not enough to change behaviours on key areas such as carbon reduction, we also need to ‘choice-edit’ ou...
pooran desai

Retrofit for health

As we build new communities and remodel and retrofit existing towns and cities, we should see ourselves as the new front line in health provision
UN logo

The World We Want Post-2015

Freya Seath on how you can get involved in helping to shape the futures of billions of people
wind farm uk

The great energy bill row – what’s really going on?

Nick Schoon defends those 'green taxes'
a potty

Life cycle analysis - a great tool for supporting decision making

Life cycle analysis of the eco-impacts of products and projects is better at guiding decisions than providing definitive answers
bush fire smoke over Sydney

Beyond resilient cities

BioRegional co-founder Pooran Desai on the warning from Australia's bush fires
pooran desai

Zen and the Art of Building Regulations

This blog first appeared online for Building magazine in September 2013. Pooran Desai, Co-founder of BioRegional How should we incentivise excellence in housing? I am not sure this will mean anything to those fortunate enough to be under the age of f...
london skyline

London Open House: We pick our favourite green buildings

London Open House (21-22 September) gives people the chance to see inside a wide range of buildings usually closed to the public. Come and take a look at BioRegional’s favourite sustainable buildings being featured this year. Bunhill Heat and P...
Freya Seath outside Estádio Nacional de Brasília

Brazil World Cup cop out?

Freya Seath hopes it is not too late for the 2014 Brazil World Cup to score a goal for sustainability Last month tickets for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil went on sale. Football fans the world over are now scrambling to get hold of seats and book thei...
Storm ahead sign

Global megatrends: Visioning the future

Emma Ryan, Sustainable Business Officer The future is big business. In the last few months there has been a proliferation of reports by think tanks and NGOs, detailing their visions of where our world will be in twenty years’ time (see Forum&rs...
Jim Fielder recycling in the favela

Transforming trash in Rio’s favelas

Jim Fielder, BioRegional Representative in Brazil It’s a year since I facilitated a series of workshops during Rio+20 that brought together residents from several ‘favela’ communities to explore what sustainability and ‘One Pl...

UN Panel call for an ambitious post MDG development agenda

Freya Seath, Policy and Advocacy Manager Last Friday the UN High Level Panel (HLP) on the post-2015 Development Agenda released its recommendations for a development framework that is to succeed the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Despite widesp...

David Cameron and the ‘UN Panel on aid’

24.05.2013: Freya Seath gives her opinion of David Cameron's role with the UN's High Level Panel on the Post 2015 Development Agenda.

One Planet Living - Maybe mass hypnosis is the solution?

Ben Gill, International Project Manager, One Planet Communities Maybe it’s due to living in an austerity wracked country (Greece) or the recent disturbing news that we have already passed 400ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere , but it seems to me tha...
Beddington Farmlands

Energy from Waste - let down by the planning system

On Wednesday night I watched as our local authority and One Planet partner Sutton Council gave planning permission to Viridor to build a 300,000 tonne per year energy from waste (EFW) plant.

The People’s Design Lab – hate waste, love redesigned products!

Ellen Scrimgeour on the importance of good design in avoiding waste.

Ethical Outfits at Buckingham Palace

01.05.2013: While searching for an ethical outfit to wear to her OBE Award ceremony in March, Co-founder and Chief Executive Sue Riddlestone learned a lot about the challenges of dressing sustainably.

Bee-keeping in Greece - a lifelong love affair

30.04.2013: Ben Gill on bee-keeping in Greece and our symbiotic relationship with bees and other pollinators.

Moo Baa Mondays for Cundall

27.03.2013: Simon Wild, CEO of Cundall Australia, reflects on his experience of becoming a One Planet Company.
cyclists in London

Going the distance – how my Dad’s advice has stood the test of time

07.02.2013 To make sustained progress on sustainability, we'll have to take the long view...

Lost in translation: Eco product training in China

01.02.13 Lesson one of my week in China delivering eco-products training – translating sustainability learnings from one country to another is not always simple.

An aspirational lifestyle for 7 billion people?

Sue Riddlestone, Co-founder and Chief Executive There is an unconscious and slightly patronising attitude out there in the world about doing our bit to help poor people with some aid, which does not seem to see the link to the casually well off lives...
Bhutanese children

It's the economy stupid

Here at Davos we participated in a fantastic scenario planning workshop with Schwab Social Entrepreneurs and business partners including Boston Consulting Group, Credit Suisse and Siemens. One of the scenarios we examined was that of a ‘Positiv...
sue riddlestone in Jinshan

Jinshan - BedZED China style

Sue Riddlestone, BioRegional In Guangzhou, China’s third largest city (pop. 20 million), there is a Chinese version of a One Planet Community called Jinshan. Daisy Chen and I have been there this week planning for an on-site visitor and trainin...
Pooran Desai

The future is better than you think

This is the subtitle for the book Abundance which I was given to read over Christmas by my colleague, Ronan. It was a mind-expanding and refreshing read – reminding us that there are a lot of good things out in the world. Statistics show that t...

Is it just me? New Year's Resolutions for 2013

Nicholas Schoon, BioRegional communications team Is it just me, or is everyone everywhere being particularly cynical and/or silent about their New Year Resolutions in this brave new dawn of a year? 2012 was a tough year, with probably another toughie...

August 22nd is Earth Overshoot Day 2012

22.08.12 Today is Earth Overshoot Day 2012. We have exhausted our ecological budget for the year.
Sue Riddlestone's photo blog from the Athlete's Village

Inside the Athletes' Village

02.07.12 Sue Riddlestone's photo blog from an invitation-only sleepover at the London 2012 Athlete's Village
Sue Riddlestone and Nick Clegg

Changed the world in our own small way – BioRegional’s influence on the Rio Agreement

22.06.12 Having been involved in the Rio+20 process for the last two years, we are pleased to see we have left a mark on the final Agreement.
Jim Fielder and the favela community talk One Planet Living

One Planet Living makes a hit in Rio’s Favelas

21.06.12: Jim Fielder, BioRegional’s former Head of Sustainable Business posts from the Rio+20 Earth Summit, where he and Daniel Viliesid from BioRegional Mexico have been running a workshop targeting Rio’s favela communities.
Some of the One Planet Partners who are creating exemplary sustainable communities, companies and products around the world

Rio+20: inspiring business action for sustainability

20.06.12 On the Guardian Sustainable Business website today, Sue Riddlestone writes from Rio, suggesting that progress at Rio+20 requires that all stakeholders take responsibility for their own actions.
The Brighton Pavilion

Urbanisation means sub-national government's commitment to sustainability vital

20.06.12 Pooran Desai writes that the Sustainable Development Goals should help sub-national government bring sustainability to a growing urban population.
Grow Community artists impression

The best place to live in the USA

18.06.12: Pooran Desai blogs from Rio+20 where today the Grow Community will be announced as the world's 5th One Planet Community.
Corporate Sustainability Forum at Rio+20

Breaking unsustainable behaviour with a framework for action

16.06.12: The Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability forum was the venue for a workshop on One Planet Living around the world.
BioRegional's official side event at RioCentro

Report from BioRegional's official side event at RioCentro

15.06.12: Simon McWhirter reports from BioRegional's official side event at RioCentro Convention Centre
Mapping SDGs using the one planet living principles at BioRegional's side event

A sense of possibility – delegates' minds turn to post Rio delivery in New York

04.05.2012: Sue Riddlestone reports from inside the Rio+20 negotiating text discussions at the UN. Sustainable Development Goals look to be most obvious outcome from Rio.
Coastal view in Mexico.

Emerging ideas to emerging economies

17.04.12: Pooran Desai blogs from The World Economic Forum in Latin America. He argues that much of the battle for an environmentally sustainable future will be won or lost in the emerging economies.

How is the scientific community contributing to Rio+20?

03.04.12: We report from the Planet Under Pressure conference, where the scientific community considers its role in sustainability and some major announcements are made.
The Houses of Parliament in London

Overdrawn at the Bank of Natural Capital

29.02.12: Our CEO reports from the House of Commons' debate on Rio+20. Business is preparing for the resource squeeze more quickly than government – are they on to something?

BioRegional features in Outreach

27.01.12: BioRegional is featured in Outreach, which is the Stakeholder Forum's publication on environment and sustainable development.
The Davos conference site (c) WEF

Economics or Science?

27.01.12: Writing from Davos, Pooran Desai returns to the roots of economics to really question how we can build the future we want
The Davos conference site (c) WEF

Being a leader in this great transformation

26.01.12: Sue Riddlestone blogs for the WEF Davos forum “What are social entrepreneurs doing at Davos?”.
Flags outside the UN

Heads of State will be at Rio+20

26.01.12: With 30 heads of state now confirmed to attend Rio+20 the event is on track to be officially called a summit. Will David Cameron be there?

New models

23.01.2012: On the train journey to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Pooran Desai gives his thoughts on the event's topic – The Great Transformation: Shaping New Models.

COP17 Blogs

Reports from our team in Durban, at the COP17/CMP7 UN Climate Change Conference in Nov/Dec 2011.
Madelena shows us round her home in the favela

Warm welcome in Rio

23.08.11: Sue Riddlestone is in Rio for Earth Summit preparations. Can one planet living offer anything to residents in the favelas?
Sue Riddlestone and Pooran Desai collect their award at WEF

Taking one planet living to World Economic Forum

08.06.2011: BioRegional's co-founders talk about taking one planet living message to the World Economic Forum Europe where they have been awarded Social Entrepreneur accolade.
Sue Riddlestone speaks at the WSPA/BioRegional side event

How about One Planet Living for Rio+20?

18.05.11: Sue Riddlestone, Director of BioRegional, gives her conclusions on the outcome of the conference.
All of B&Q's wood is from sustainable sources

Reflecting back home - government needs to act fast and be brave and strong.

16.05.2011: Rachel Bradley of B&Q reflects on the conference and implores government to take the warnings seriously.

Green insurance for One Planet Communities?

26.07.2011: Matthew Criddle MD of Naturesave blogs about why the company is green and the challenges that climate change is bringing to the industry and its clients.

The human factor looms large as world experts gather to discuss the future for biodiversity

30.06.2011: Our Executive Director Sue Riddlestone blogs from the Smith School World Forum on Valuing Ecosystem Services: From New Commitments to Strategic Action.
Flags waving at the UN

Zero Draft now available!

24.01.12: Our thoughts on the Rio+20 draft text. we are pleased to see a strong emphasis on developing a series of Sustainable Development Goals and reference throughout the text on the importance of major groups.
Rachel Bradley, B&Q, speaks at the event

How do we go about changing attitudes and encouraging people to make change?

11.05.11: Rachel Bradley of B&Q considers yesterday's event and shares tips on ways to change attitudes and encourage people to make changes.
Vicki Hird, WSPA, speaking at the event

From concrete to chickens – how to live the good life

10.05.11: What have DIY, livestock farms and childhood anaemia in India got in common? They all featured in the event I spoke at on One Planet Homes and Food at the UN yesterday.
The panel and delegates

One Planet Living side event on homes and food is runaway success

10.05.11: One Planet Homes and One Planet Food side event at the UN CSD-19 - great attendance, cracking content and a host of excitable questioners.
Flags at the UN

One Planet Living at CSD19

May 6 2011: We persevere to get One Planet Living on the world’s agenda.
Flags outside the UN in New York

UN plans for Rio 2012 Earth Summit

12.01.11: BioRegional are at UN meetings in New York and Panama this week trying to bring one planet living to the 2012 UN Earth Summit.
COP16 Blog

COP16 Blogs

Daily reports from our team in Cancun. Mexico at the COP16 UN Climate Change Conference in December 2010
COP15 Blog

COP15 Blogs

Daily reports from our team in Copenhagen at the COP15 UN Climate Change Conference in December 2009